Passed on from one generation to the next.

​Multi-Trail takes pride in the quality and durability of our trailers. Our Alu-Star aluminium series of trailers have a reputation that they are passed on from the one generation to the next.  Trailers that were built when the business started, around 1989, still has a very good second-hand value.

We receive many 15-year old Alu-Star trailers in our workshop. The owners simply want to refresh them back to its former glory. Once we have given the trailer a service and other rejuvenating changes, it is as good as new and it retains a touch of additional character due to the many stories it has locked up inside.

The reason for durability.

The corrosion resistant aluminium body and galvanized steel chassis which forms the strong, yet light structure are of the main reasons for the superior trailer life.

There is a premium cost on the purchase price of an Alu-Star trailer above the inexpensive steel trailers for this longevity. We regularly see the high cost involved when people want to repair rusted and or cracked general steel trailers that are only a few years old.

It goes to show that one should be careful in making a decision in buying either a low-cost trailer versus a higher cost trailer. Especially when the latter option also promises a higher reselling value.