Registration Process

When purchasing a new trailer, Multitrail will ensure that the trailer is introduced and released onto the eNaTIS system, ready for registration. Multitrail does not register or licence the trailer onto the name of the purchaser.


It is the responsibility of the purchaser to register the trailer. Multitrail only releases the trailer on the eNaTIS system.

The following process should be followed to register a new trailer:

  1. Multitrail issues:

    1. Proof of Purchase

    2. Microdot Certificate

    3. Original NaTIS Manufacturer Certificate


  1. The registering authority requires the following when registering a new trailer:

    1. ID document

    2. Proof of residential address – not older than 3 months

    3. Original NaTIS Manufacturer Certificate (supplied by Multitrail)

    4. Proof of Purchase

    5. RLV Form (Available here) – new owner fill out section A and C of RLV.

We have experienced that the requirements may differ from one district to the other – the reason is unknown. The traffic legislation is written in such a way that local Traffic Departments can request additional information as they deem necessary.


More information on the governmental website here.

Note: Roadworthy certificates are not required for initial registration of new trailers (unless the trailer GVM is more than 3.5T)