The new standard in lightweight performance

Vehicle manufacturers are constantly in the pursuit of making each new generation of vehicle lighter than the last. Vehicle weight savings have the well known benefits of improved fuel consumption, better handling and increased performance. These same benefits are also gained from saving weight in the trailer that you tow.

When it comes to towing, there is however another element to this weight equation - the driver’s license code. Since 2000, new driver’s licenses are issued as code B, which restricts the trailer to have a GVM of less then 750 kg. If drivers wish to tow more than that, they have to re-apply for the driver’s test to upgrade to an EB license. For all road users below the age of 36, this is becoming quite a challenge.

Low in weight, big on performance.

Multi-Trail was contacted by top bicycle manufacturer, Specialized ZA, who faced this exact challenge. They have young staff and need to have their products distributed with trailer by drivers only carrying an B licence. The requirement was to transport 250 kg of bicycles and cargo whilst keeping the trailer below the 750 kg GVM.

The requirement:

  • Sealed large volume upper compartment

  • Sealed lower storage compartments with individual access

  • Tare mass of less than 500 kg

  • Aerodynamic nose cone

  • Solar powered lighting

  • Cargo fixing anchors

  • Access ladder

Working with the engineering team at our technical partners, Enso Tech, a brand new aluminium monocoque structure was developed. In a similar fashion to modern vehicle construction, the trailer does not feature a traditional body-on-chassis design. Instead, a true monocoque was developed, where the whole body of the trailer forms the structure. This was achieved exclusively through the use of aluminium to form the structure in conjunction with honeycomb composite panels. The result is the benchmark in high volume, low weight construction.

A dual level compartment trailer weighing in at a mere 485 kg! For a trailer of this size, this low weight is unmatched.

Full aluminium monocoque and composite construction.

Claimed tare weights are often underestimated by manufacturers. In this case our clients can testify the results shown at the weighbridge - 735 kg fully laden. We make extensive use of 3-D modelling of our products before parts are manufactured by CNC laser-cut and bending. This detailed modelling ensures that the final product is as close as possible to 100% representative of the mass and dimensions of the 3-D designed model. This modelling also allows for axle-to-coupler weight distributions to be accurately determined beforehand to ensure stable towing and optimal vehicle tow-ball loading.

A groundbreaking product we are proud to welcome to the Alu-Star stable of products, offering our clients the benefits of low weight, durability and quality in an attractive corrosion free package.


Inner dimensions:

  • Main compartment: (L) 3010 mm x (W) 2036 mm x (H) 1346 mm

  • Front lower compartment: (L) 1119 mm x (W) 2036 mm x (H) 546 mm

  • Rear lower compartment: (L) 1081 mm x (W) 2036 mm x (H) 546 mm


  • Structure: Aluminium

  • Doors and wall panels: Aluminium composite

  • Floors: Aluminium composite

  • Drawbar: Structural aluminium

  • Nose cone: Aluminium

  • Wheels: Alloy


  • Tare weight: 485 kg

  • GWM: 750 kg

  • Axle: Torsion Rubber

  • Wheels and Tyres: 195R14C

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