Horsebox Safety - Floor Design

The safety and well-being of your horses are key when travelling with your animals. Careful consideration of the design of your potential new horsebox can help to ensure that there is never any compromise in this regard.

More than 20 years of experience in the horsebox market have shown us that there are never any shortcuts to be taken when safety is a concern. One of the critical features to consider is the design of your horsebox's floor. Urine and moisture leads to rotting of wooden floors, which compromises the structural integrity of your horsebox and can put your animal in harm's way.

The Alu-Star Maximus Horsebox makes exclusive use of aluminium in the floor and body construction in combination with the hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis. The use of these corrosion resistant materials ensure many years of safe, trouble-free transport of your horses.

The video below also discusses the key considerations of the design of the floor of your horsebox and how to ensure continued safe transport of your animals.

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