A new era for Multi-Trail

We at Multi-Trail South Africa are excited to introduce future and existing trailer clients to a new era of Alu-Star and Multi-Star products.

From the 1st of July 2018, Multi-Trail started manufacturing operations in Worcester in the Western Cape. We left our long-standing premises in Cape Town to join forces with an established engineering team based in the Cape Winelands District town. Combining a team of dynamic, experienced engineers with our 21 years in the trailer building industry, opens up new possibilities for exciting new product offerings, even higher quality standards and more value for our customers.

What does this mean if you already own a Multi-Trail product?

Owners of Alu-Star or Multi-Star products can continue to receive the quality of service that you have become accustomed to. Servicing in the Western Cape can be done at our Worcester facility or arranged to be done at one of our most experienced technicians in Cape Town.

What can be expected from new Alu-Star and Multi-Star trailers?

Our engineering team is hard at word making improvements to current product offerings as well as developing exciting new lightweight aluminum trailers never before offered by Alu-Star.

The Alu-Star and Multi-Star product offerings will be expanded to give customers greater value by offering more trailer configurations to suite your personal needs. Our range of luggage, utility, horsebox and off-road/camping trailers will offer more value, more features and greater quality.

The Multi-Trail engineering team makes use of advanced 3-D modelling and manufacturing techniques that allow us to produce advanced trailers for specialised custom applications.

New ways to get to know our products

The beauty, quality and craftsmanship of our Alu-Star trailers can only really be appreciated when up close and personal with our products. We encourage all potential clients looking for one of our trailers to view it in person when possible!

For those not able to do so, we are planning to add more rich content to our website to make it easier to get familiar with our great products. Also look out for our brand new on-line store launching soon!

Contact us if you have any questions or queries

For any new product queries or to arrange for the servicing of your trailer, please view our website's Contact Page for our new contact information.

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