Electrical and Wiring

All our trailers are wired in accordance with SABS 1327 -1981. It is important to ensure that the trailer electrical and lighting system works before setting of on a journey with the trailer.


Please see the wiring diagram and table below. Some older trailers made use of a 5core wire instead of a 7-core wire. In the case where a 5-core wire was used, pin 5 (Brown) and 7 (Black) are bridged and pin 2 (Blue) is omitted. Some towing vehicles were also fitted with a 5-core configuration at the towbar. In this case, pins 5 and 7 should be bridged on the trailer coupling. This occurs often with aftermarket tow-bar fitments.

Elec. Wiring grap.1.png
Elec. Wiring grap. 2.png

Electrical Fault Finding

Fault finding an electrical issue before or on a journey, can be a daunting task. The following steps can be followed to trace the problem:

  • Clean the couplers (trailer and towing vehicle) connectors and re-test

  • Check the fuses – check the fuses of the towing vehicle

  • Check the connections inside the trailer coupler

  • Check the trailer light connectors

  • Visually Inspect for damaged wires