Aluminium Trailers

Exceptional Quality, Craftsmanship and Durability 


Alu-Star Product Range - Brief Overview

  • Alu-Star Shuttle: General purpose luggage/recreational, predominantly on-road use.  1.8 m and 2.1 m body length, 490 mm or 640 mm internal height.  750 kg GVM. Opening lid and fold-down rear tailgate.

  • Alu-Star Tracker:  All-round on- and off-road recreational, camping, hunting trailer.   1.8 m and 2.1 m body length, 640 mm or 790 mm internal height.  Un-braked - 750 kg GVM, Braked - 1250 kg GVM.  Opening lid and swing open rear tailgate.

  • Alu-Star Tracker Camper: Based on the 2.1 m Tracker platform, although it features a fixed roof.  The fixed roof is typically used for fitment of roof-top-tents and allows for custom specification internal drawer systems, fridge slide, storage, water tanks etc.  Braked - 1250 kg GVM. Swing open rear tailgate and side doors to match configuration.

  • Alu-Star Ranger: A heavy duty version of the Tracker, with a 1800 kg GVM, and extended drawbar. The extended drawbar allows for greater storage options and improved tow-bar weight distribution.

  • Alu-Star Ranger Camper:  A heavy duty version of the 2.1 m Tracker Camper with a 1800 kg GVM and extended drawbar. The extended drawbar allows for greater storage options and improved tow-bar weight distribution.


Aluminium - Hollow Panels

The unique hollow aluminium panels are lightweight with superior strength when compared to steel and aluminium thin sheet metal.  These unique panels also provide other unique benefits:

  • Corrosion Resistant - The anodized aluminium and galvanized chassis is colour fast and does not corrode easily.  These features help to keep the trailer beautiful and structurally sound for many years. 

  • Life Expectancy - Our aluminium trailers have a significant longer life expectancy than painted steel trailers.​

  • Stay Beautiful - Cargo induced dents from the inside of the load box do not present as dents on the outside of the double skin panel. 

CNC Aluminium and Steel Chassis

Our chassis are 3D CAD designed and CNC laser cut and bent to achieve the best possible quality, accuracy and strength.

The medium duty Shuttle and Tracker models utilize the extremely light weight yet strong structural grade aluminium chassis for unmatched weight and corrosion resistance.  Heavy duty corrosion resistant steel chassis are used on the high load capacity Ranger off-road trailer and the Alu-Star horse trailers.